Well folks it looks like we’re in for another round of road works. This time in the form of the “Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Renewal Project Update”.

This is going to be a significant upgrade costing around $137 million and is expected to start in the coming months with an estimated completion date in 2025.

I’m not sure if the upgrades are necessary but the Commonwealth Ave bridge is pretty much always congested in peak hour traffic so this might be a well needed bit of work to keep the city traffic moving. It couldn’t hurt anyway. Presumably this will also incorporate the Light rail corridor that is slated to from the City Centre to Woden.

How is this going to work you ask? Either way any work like this will really going to test the city and its traffic flow. Is this going to co-incide with the proposed raising of London Circuit? If these two major works happen at the same time we could be in for major disruptions while these projects are being undertaken. If this also co-incides with the extension of the light rail this could make things really bad for anyone needing to drive in or through the city centre. It will be interesting to see how this is handled. Problem is, this is one of those “Damned if you, damned if you don’t” situations where we either have a major disruption that hopefully only goes a year or two or or staged disruptions one after each other which could well take up the good part of a decade if done one after each other.

For more information on this project visit theNCA website for up to date info on the upcoming project as it comes to light.