Well, this was a pretty cool event. Not only for those looking for jobs but myself as well (I’m a little underemployed). This was a great way to talk face to face with recruiters and people who are actually looking for employees.

I went in for the morning session and was greeted with a small show bag that also had coupons for drinks and snacks. Nice touch! There was also a section of the exhibition where you could have a one on one talk with “resume” experts. It’s important to know what employers are looking for in their receipt of resumes and how they are read if indeed they are read by human eyes at all.

There were also some public talks (Which somehow I managed to miss) and some great advice on landing a job or moving careers.

I have to congratulate the Dept of Education Skills and Employment for putting this event on. I’ll definitely post a link to this event next time I hear that it’s coming up! … Now to start sending out updated resumes!

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