Well it looks like the Enlighten Festival is on again! I went last year and I have to say it was really cool. THis year its going on from the 26th Feb to the 8th of March. There’ll be lots of street food and exhibits to look at. I’m pretty confident it will all go down well even with covid restrictions and whatnot but bear in mind you do have to register for pretty much everything on the official site.

Some of the cool things on offer are the projections going on in the parliamentary triangle in Barton from 26 feb – 8th March. I went to this last year and was quite impressed. There’ll be food and Bentspoke beer garden. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION for those into our local film makers on the 5th March and the BALOONS from 6-14 March.

There’s a fair bit more on offer too so best thing to do is check out the official website at http://www.enlightencanberra.com and book yourself into something that tickles your fancy!

Be sure to keep checking back on https://www.clickcanberra.com for more cool stuff concerning this great city of ours!

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