SEO can be one of the most important but most often overlooked attributes to any website. It can also be a science akin to witchcraft.

Click Canberra will work with you to get basic SEO done for your website so you will show up on Google (and other search engines). The higher you rank with Google the more traffic your site is likely to get.

Bear in mind we do not promise miracles. Your website is NOT going to go from being a virtual nobody on the internet scene to ranking above major companies or landing number one spots on highly competitive fields. At least not within the budget constraints we work with. If you want to take your SEO up another level we can work with you on other options as well as even paid advertising. One thing is that we will always be honest with you about what we can and can’t achieve and work within your budget for this. You also have the option to employ outside help with this (but bear in mind that can far outstrip the cost of the website itself and can turn into a real money pit).

Here’s an example (again using of how through a bit of work can can land a site on google (this one did come in at #1 on the search term used). So it can be done!