Ok what we aim to do here at Click Canberra is provide cheap and efficient advertising for local small business / ventures that may be either in the start up phase or just struggling to drum up some more business.

If you choose to work with us there’s some things you must know:

  • CONTENT: Obviously the content has to be suitable for public consumption. Nothing Illegal / Racist / Violent / Sexist or overly political or religious or inflammatory content will be added. Click Canberra decides what falls into those categories.
  • We will probably be using user profiles which can be updated by the user it is your responsibility to keep your profiles professional and within the above guidelines or we will delete your profile. We’re not making a lot of money out of this thing and if your profile causes us any grief we will have no problems in deleting it
  • We’ve got an introductory offer of $10 a month to keep your business in the public eye. Spots are limited. First in … Best dressed so to speak. This will run on a subscription service through PayPal. You are free to cancel your subscription any time by logging into Pay Pal and cancelling it. Upon cancellation your profile will be deleted and if you want to sign up again you’ll have to do so at the current market rate. Its your responsibility to keep money in your paypal or pay up front if you feel you want to keep the service going.

Once again feel free to keep checking back on on a regular basis for more great content!