Terms and Conditions

OK here’s the low down on the legal stuff:

You use this at your own risk: It’s YOUR responsibility to check if the person carrying out the service is licenced / qualified / insured to do their job if there are such requirements.

For the time being this is a free service: Depending on how much work it becomes to administer I might charge a small fee later on down the track. You will have the option to opt out if / when that happens.

Current business only: Your listing will deleted after one year if you don’t renew. You will be sent a reminder and can decide to renew or not then.

Services added at my discretion: basically I’m happy to add just about anything, but keep it G rated. Keep it legal. If I get too many complaints about you I’ll delete your listing.

Remember to keep checking back on https://www.clickcanberra.com on a regular basis!