Looking for something to do for the Easter long weekend in Canberra? Is church not really your thing? Well, we’ve got a couple of gigs that could be cool. Saturday Night we’ve got Chins, a local and youthful band playing at the basement. To make things even better they’re filming a video clip to one of their songs, Margo. If you want to get your face in a video clip be sure to rock along. The band have generously provided us with a coupon for cheap entry as well!

We’ve also got Lucifungus, a great newish doom band hailing from Canberra as well (Featuring at least one member of the legendary Pod People) Playing at the Bent Spoke Brewery on Sunday!

Smiths Alternate are basically putting on bands all weekend long as part of an “Anti-folk festival” thing. Haven’t actually heard anything about the folk festival being on this year but either way this could be cool too if you’re not into the louder end of rock music!

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