Well I guess for a website like this one of the most important days on the calendar is Canberra Day! So what are you going to do for the day?


I have to say the information on the web is a little hard to find. IF any one out there does know of anything going on feel free to mesg me on facebook so we can bulk out this article a little. but There’s the Enlighten festival which has already been going on and will be going on through Canberra Day. Shame about the Noodle markets not being a part of this but there’s still the awesome light displays but you’ll have to view them in a socially distanced manner. For Canberra day you’ll be able to see the balloons as well. Here’s the Link CANBERRA DAY EVENTS.

I have to say it does all seem a little light on in terms of official events but maybe this can be a good way to get together with your friends at your private residences, go to a pub or resterant (Supporting small business is always a great thing to do) but make sure you take advantage of the public holiday if you’re lucky enough to have the day off and do something with it!

There’s still the usual Canberra haunts and attractions that are open and doing what they do, and for many this will be a good chance to get out and see attractions at the museums, galleries, theaters around Canberra. It just doesn’t seem to be anything you couldn’t have done any other day over the last couple of weeks.

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