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We’ve always had a long tradition of heavy metal bands coming from this deceptively quiet city of ours. Think back to Armoured Angel, Alchemist, Psychrist, Pod People and heaps more that have achieved serious levels of overseas acclaim. I’m going out on a limb here and and making a prediction another serious contender to this throne will be a new band SHOCKWAVE.

Shockwave have only come into being recently but feature Rob, Brendon and Doug from Canberra band Mattersphere. Rob has been known around Canberra for a long time now as a world class shredder and Metal stalwart, Brendon who has been smashing rhythms for a while now and organising shows around town. They’ve been joined by Ace Drummer Craig who’s previously been in a whole swag of local bands and ready to go as soon as they find a Singer.

At Click Canberra we’ve already heard some recording the band has done and…. Let’s just say these guys are going to kick some ass. This is some serious world class stuff! If you want to get the inside information on how this is all going check out the interview they did for Metal Mix Tape and keep an eye out for them doing their first few shows. It has Click Canberra’s seal of approval for a kick ass, loud, and heavy rockin’ night!

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Canberra Women in Music



Well, this looks like a pretty cool series of events. Put on by Milestone Entertainment it’s a weekend of shows going from the Friday 12th – Sunday 14th across three different venues. It aims to show case Canberra Women in Music and the contributions they make to the local scene.


The Friday event is on at ANU Kambri benefit show in support of Beryl Inc. Its a two day event featuring some of Canberra’s best female or female led bands.


Its all happening Saturday 13th March at the Polo in O’Connor. Tix via Oztix. If you’re on facebook check out the event pages:

Show 1 – In support of Domestic Violence Services Starts at 12 midday till 3pm:
Headliners: The Monica Moore Trio, Georgia & NTT and Lucy Ridge & the Derby Widows

Show 2 – In Support of Beryl Inc – From 4pm-8pm featuring:
BOX DYE, Chins, Sally Chicane and Ana Keys & the Underdogs
Show 3 in support of Karinya House – From
Headliners: Matriarch, Supported by: Slagatha Christie, The Black Souls


Soulful Sunday is the finale of this epic event featuring the talents of:
LIV LI, Tori Nikias, Brydie Arundell, MissM, Leila King, Ava Martina
Check out EVENT LINK for more info!

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Well it looks like the Enlighten Festival is on again! I went last year and I have to say it was really cool. THis year its going on from the 26th Feb to the 8th of March. There’ll be lots of street food and exhibits to look at. I’m pretty confident it will all go down well even with covid restrictions and whatnot but bear in mind you do have to register for pretty much everything on the official site.

Some of the cool things on offer are the projections going on in the parliamentary triangle in Barton from 26 feb – 8th March. I went to this last year and was quite impressed. There’ll be food and Bentspoke beer garden. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION for those into our local film makers on the 5th March and the BALOONS from 6-14 March.

There’s a fair bit more on offer too so best thing to do is check out the official website at and book yourself into something that tickles your fancy!

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