As you’ve probably heard there have been precautions put in place to minimize the spread of covid, by putting in border stops on the exits/entrances of Canberra. We’ve been lucky enough to have missed the full brunt of the Covid and the powers that be obviously want to keep it that way. The objective of this would be to stop people from covid hotspots entering Canberra. I guess the other stops on the south end would be to deter people who think they’re smart by driving the long way around and coming in anyway.

Our understanding is that exits from Canberra on the northside Sutton Road and south into Queanbeyan have been subject to roadblocks. They haven’t been on all the time but when they have they’ve been known to hold up traffic for 2-4 hours. The situation will obviously be changing but here’s yesterday’s news from the ABC website. Also be sure to check the ACT GOVT. UPDATES and the NSW live traffic app. These are generally pretty up to date, but even then it could change fast so be aware of that!

Long story short is that if you’re going anywhere be prepared that this could happen. If you’re traveling with kids take a portable game or DVD thing so they have something to do in the car. Best yet if you can’t handle this, don’t go!

Is your interstate travel necessary? What would happen If you get forced to quarantine? Think about this before you head off if you haven’t already.

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