One thing I want to make clear on this is this is my thoughts. You are free to make your own decisions on what you do, what you put into your body, and how you live your life.

We’ve been blessed in this great country of ours to have been spared the full onslaught of the Covid shit show that has flattened much of the world this year. A time may come when you’re asked if you want to take a vaccine that has been developed to combat this virus. Again what you do is up to you.

In regard the covid vaccine as a similar issue to updating my windows software. I’m not going to rush out and be the first one to get it. Some other d–khead can buy if first, iron out the bugs, and I’ll give it some real thought when the beta version comes out, and I know how buggy it really is. It takes years to develop a vaccine. Then you have to test it. Then it has to pass the FDA (in the US) or the TGA (in Australia) test to be fit for human consumption.

Here’s an article from the BBC about the first example of the covid vaccination giving false positives for HIV Source. Read it. It’s worth your while.

For your perusal is another article from the CDC regarding who the vaccine should be administered to Source basically by my understanding just old folks over the age of 75 (who may have one foot in the grave already).

Now even more alarming is another report (from a little while back… the stats may be even worse now) that 3,500 out of 100,000 that took the vaccine in the UK suffered what is described as debilitating illness as a result of the vaccine. Here’s the source, also from the CDC HERE. What is most alarming is that looking at the stats, the worst affected country is the USA with a death rate of 0.1% (Australia is sitting around 0.004% Source) but the vaccine has a 3.5% chance of causing an illness which would render you unfit for work. Obviously the ‘unfit for work’ and death rates are like comparing apples and oranges but its a thought you need to keep in mind.

Once more I’ll state that I’m not here to push any agenda, but please have a think about what you do BEFORE you do it.

Love you all.

Be sure to keep checking for more great articles on this great city of ours.

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