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OK, I’m a guy and I find it really hard to buy awesome Valentines Day gifts. I also want to push some Canberra based business (which is why I do this site) So with that in mind I’m looking for any Canberra based business that are doing good things that will impress your significant other. Here’s the stuff I’ve come up with so far. In true guy fashion I’ll be adding more cool stuff as we get closer to Valentines Day, right up until the day!

Best thing I can say is have a good look through all of these there are some unique and tasty looking things here! And some talent on display I might add! Best of all you can shop from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll have fun looking!

EDIT: I didn’t know there were so many online business in Canberra! Good on you people for going for it, very inspiring!


K-Pops is another Canberra based business that sells great valentines day gifts. Get in now because I’d punt this would be their biggest day of the year. They do great chocolate bouquets with candy and other things like teddy bears this just can’t fail to impress your lady! The prices would appear to be around $45-$90 so not too bad! Some of the bouquets would be cheaper! K-Pops


Focus Folding is a great Canberra Based Business making hand made origami earrings. I’ve had a look through this site and there’s some pretty cool stuff on there! Most of the stuff on here seems to be around the $50 mark so not a wallet killer either! Focus Folding


If your valentines has a sweet tooth (or you both do) Cocobuns and Co does some exquisite bakery goods and sweets. Can be found at the Yass markets most weekends! Check out their facebook page these are absolutely eye watering! Cocobuns & Co


Planning and event for Valentines Day? Frink & Co would be the ones to contact! They’ll spice up your event with decorations, signs and flowers! Check out their facebook page here Frink & Co There’s even customised gift packs available for your event!


Cheese Platters more your thing? This looks unbelievable. Cheese, meat and chocolate spreads for you and your special person to eat together while you settle into a movie or glass or two of wine! Uncommon Grazer Boxes Seem quite well priced from $50-$120 dollars depending on how far you want to go!


Ohh this looks saucy! A doughnut / cupcake / chocolate filled syringes and chocolate covered strawberries. Even better it comes with a blindfold and hand cuffs so you and your valentines can get dirty afterwards (or during I guess) Uncommon Grazer This gift pack goes from $65 but you can end up having a lot of fun 🙂


Coopscarlie designs specialise in custom made signs. You can pick from their range or have something made up for your special person! Coopscarlie Designs. Guys its your chance to get creative!

Ando’s Cup & Bake

More cupcakes, well not just cupcakes they seem to be able to do all kinds of cakes for all occassions! Be sure to check out Ando’s wares on his facebook page HERE There’s some killer looking cakes on here!

Desinger Gifts Co

Some Unique gift ideas and baskets for your significant other! We’ve featured a realistic looking “Everlasting rose” in its own display dome but there’s a heap of cool stuff on here, including gift hampers and more! Defs check these guys out on HERE

A Way to Calm

Some more gifts aimed at soothing the soul. Some great looking lotions, bath products and scented candles, candies and heaps more! HERE. I’ve linked to their valentines ideas, but check out the rest of the store, there’s some great stuff on board this little online shop!

The Cakery – Cakes in a Jar

Some more great cake ideas from Cakes in a Jar! they do smaller chocolate bites (Like in the picture) and actual cakes in a jar! These not only look exquisite but they start off extremely cheap $9 a jar so you can either buy a couple or combine it with other gift ideas! HERE. Interesting note: apparantly these cakes are actually cooked in a jar!

The Cakery – Cakes in a Jar

Some great looking flowers here from GG Flowers. The rainbow roses really impressed me I have to say but they seem to have a great range. They are also a physical store located in the Farrar Shops. Pop in and have a look at whats available! HERE.

Pink-a-boo designs

This time cookies, some naughty and nice designs, and meringues she even does gluten free and vegan options … especially handy for those that live in Belconnen. Can buy these a few at a time or by the box! prices seem to range from $5-$30 depending on what you order and how much! HERE.

Vanilla and Blossom Cakes

Vanilla and Blossom Cakes, obviously specialise in cakes and Michelle seems to have won a couple of pretty cool awards for her efforts. They’ve got a valentines day pack available freaturing some cake, cookies, ice-cream and a bottle of wine (if you choose) starting at $50 it looks like a neat little package! HERE.

Real Maple and CO

Real Maple and Co is a shop in Braddon (64/30 Londsdale st) that source work from Australian and particularly Canberra designers. They’ll also be doing valentines day hampers but go in and check out the other cool stuff they have on offer! You might find something really good! HERE.

THe Crafty Frog

Is your significant other a crafty sort? (in a nice way of course) well check out the crafty frog and pack them up with craft supplies such as stitching, haberdashery, gift boxes and even classes! Located in the Kambah Shops (7/104 Marconi cres) Pop in and have a look! WEBSITE HERE.

wendy’s Craft Studio

This seems more like a general ‘crafty type gift store’ but there’s some great stuff on offer for partners, mums, kids and babies of all sorts. Definitely worth checking out and as far as I can tell the prices are real cheap too! Make sure you check out their Facebook page here.

Kirkwood Body and Bath

You really can’t go wrong with bath products, soaps, cleansers, bath bombs and more. All their products are made from Australian Sourced materials and made locally to high quality specifications. Their stuff looks exquisite. Make sure you visit their website and check it out for yourself! Website here.

Stuffed Balloon Creations

This is quite unique as well! Gifts for all occasions inside balloons. I’d be a little afraid to pop them they look so good! They’ve got some neat valentines day packages that are sure to impress your loved one! Facebook page here.

Fyshwick Newsagency

Last but not least we have Fyshwick Newsagency who are doing some pretty stellar looking baskets as well. The hampers look to be totally customisable as well! Maybe throw in a scratchie or something as well. They’re on 181 Gladstone st so pop in and have a look! Facebook page here.

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Australia Day at Stage 88


I go more years than not to the Australia Day gig at Stage 88. Whatever your stance on Australia Day this has always been a great day out and something you can take the kids to.

Covid restrictions this year did put a bit of a dampener on things but that’s to be expected. The event organisers limited the amount of tickets and this year you had go pay to get in. The prices (In my humble opinion) were very reasonable for the calibre of entertainment on offer.

We arrived and checked in on our covid apps. I was a little annoyed that the over zealous security wouldn’t let us take our umbrella’s in. It was a certainty to rain that day and its was not a warm day at the outdoor stage 88. We got in in time to see “Fanny” who played rather well. Not really my thing but you have to pay talent when you see it. A little too country for my liking. Lee Kernigan was up next and of course it started raining. Kernigan played solo, using backing music to fill out the sound. His sound on the day was a lot more rockin’ than I remember his music to be. It definitely picked up the mood and got everyone tapping away.

One thing I have to commend the organisers on was the food hampers there. Great selection of meats and finger foods for a very reasonable price that we could pick at all afternoon.

Daryl Braithwaite was in fine form cracking jokes all through his set and he, and his band played very well. A few solo songs and some “Sherbert” songs kept everything entertaining. I have to say the same for James Reyne. Great set of songs and a lot of numbers from “Australian Crawl”. This mean that myself and large numbers of the crowd could recognise a lot of the songs and sing along and join in. Well done to the guys on the song selection.

Overall, great night out. Would definitely keep going. Shame about the rain but what can you do? Would be nice if the security guards lightened up a bit too. The crowed was extremely sedate, and socially distance there was no point worrying about things like umbrellas. In fact it probably sent a lot more people home with “cold and flu” like symptoms for the week ahead than what could have possibly arrived there.

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Australia Day Canberra 2021


By now we’re all settling back into the groove of work for the year but I thought I’d get in early and see whats doing for Australia Day this year. I guess in many ways we’ve got to be thankful that anything at all is happening with the state of the world right now. So Far we’ve got one big one being held at Stage 88, but I’d like to hear from any Local bands or anyone doing anything special for the day! Feel free to message me on the contact form if you have anything you want promoted!

Stage 88: Featuring Daryl Braithwaite, Lee Kernigan and James Rayne – This will be an outdoor event and will adhere to social distancing rules. Tickets go on sale Thursday 14th Jan (I’ll try to find the link for tickets). There will be the usual food and drink stalls as well. Get tickets HERE

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As you’ve probably heard there have been precautions put in place to minimize the spread of covid, by putting in border stops on the exits/entrances of Canberra. We’ve been lucky enough to have missed the full brunt of the Covid and the powers that be obviously want to keep it that way. The objective of this would be to stop people from covid hotspots entering Canberra. I guess the other stops on the south end would be to deter people who think they’re smart by driving the long way around and coming in anyway.

Our understanding is that exits from Canberra on the northside Sutton Road and south into Queanbeyan have been subject to roadblocks. They haven’t been on all the time but when they have they’ve been known to hold up traffic for 2-4 hours. The situation will obviously be changing but here’s yesterday’s news from the ABC website. Also be sure to check the ACT GOVT. UPDATES and the NSW live traffic app. These are generally pretty up to date, but even then it could change fast so be aware of that!

Long story short is that if you’re going anywhere be prepared that this could happen. If you’re traveling with kids take a portable game or DVD thing so they have something to do in the car. Best yet if you can’t handle this, don’t go!

Is your interstate travel necessary? What would happen If you get forced to quarantine? Think about this before you head off if you haven’t already.

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covid vaccinations


One thing I want to make clear on this is this is my thoughts. You are free to make your own decisions on what you do, what you put into your body, and how you live your life.

We’ve been blessed in this great country of ours to have been spared the full onslaught of the Covid shit show that has flattened much of the world this year. A time may come when you’re asked if you want to take a vaccine that has been developed to combat this virus. Again what you do is up to you.

In regard the covid vaccine as a similar issue to updating my windows software. I’m not going to rush out and be the first one to get it. Some other d–khead can buy if first, iron out the bugs, and I’ll give it some real thought when the beta version comes out, and I know how buggy it really is. It takes years to develop a vaccine. Then you have to test it. Then it has to pass the FDA (in the US) or the TGA (in Australia) test to be fit for human consumption.

Here’s an article from the BBC about the first example of the covid vaccination giving false positives for HIV Source. Read it. It’s worth your while.

For your perusal is another article from the CDC regarding who the vaccine should be administered to Source basically by my understanding just old folks over the age of 75 (who may have one foot in the grave already).

Now even more alarming is another report (from a little while back… the stats may be even worse now) that 3,500 out of 100,000 that took the vaccine in the UK suffered what is described as debilitating illness as a result of the vaccine. Here’s the source, also from the CDC HERE. What is most alarming is that looking at the stats, the worst affected country is the USA with a death rate of 0.1% (Australia is sitting around 0.004% Source) but the vaccine has a 3.5% chance of causing an illness which would render you unfit for work. Obviously the ‘unfit for work’ and death rates are like comparing apples and oranges but its a thought you need to keep in mind.

Once more I’ll state that I’m not here to push any agenda, but please have a think about what you do BEFORE you do it.

Love you all.

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