If you’re looking for some cool christmas light displays this is the sight to go to in Canberra. It outlines a the spots to check out.<>Lets face it many of us have had our christmas plans canned for the year so this is something we can to do to make up for a little of what we’ve missed out on. The kids love to check out the lights and so do some of the big kids! I have to admit I can be a bit of a Christmas grinch sometimes but i have to give respect where its due and some of these people have put a huge amount of time and love into the decorations they’ve amassed and displayed

I went out last night and I have to say it was pretty cool!

To get all the news on it go visit Christmas light search (Canberra) and see what you can see!

Same site but they’ve got a cool list of featured displays Featured Displays

Anyway be sure to check out on a regular basis!

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