OK we’re about to hit the holidays in Canberra. But what is to actually do? The short answer is not a lot with the fear surrounding large public gatherings. My best advice is to find a local resteraunt / bar / cafe or something that you like and spend some money back in the local business. Lord knows they’d need it.

So far the rundown is:

NEW YEARS EVE: Fire works have been cancelled. There will be smaller events in the local cafes / bars etc… maybe even some live music in the public areas.

SUMMERNATS: Cancelled. There is going to be a 5000 capacity “Rev and Roll” gig in march. But the Nats as we know it are not going to happen.

AUSTRALIA DAY: No fireworks happening this year. The concert that usually happens is still up in the air. Keep checking back I guess.

MULTICULTURAL FEST: Still up in the air. Looks like it will be postponed.



ENLIGHTEN FESTIVAL: Will be on but stripped back and relocated to EPIC

Of course, with the bigger events, I can’t see anything changing as the logistics in organising these would mean they either need a ‘go ahead’ or not by now. Some of the smaller events may have a chance. I guess all you can do is keep checking back here or any of the events ACT or various Canberra related websites

Keep checking back regularly for more information at https://www.clickcanberra.com regularly!

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