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New Years Eve in Canberra


Ok, its almost that night of the year. New Years Eve in Canberra. Its been a distracting year so we thought we’d post the events ACT list of what’s going on in this fine national capital of ours.

Its worth noting some of these are indoor events in smaller establishments so they may have already sold out. Best ring before you just turn up! The out door stuff may also have some level of capacity restrictions so be early! I have to say this stuff looks pretty subdued and laid back. Hey, anything happening at all, is pretty good considering the tone of the year so far! Either way whatever you’re doing do it safely.

Anyway, here’s the Events ACT listing of some stuff you can do!


If anyone has anything else they want listed here feel free to message me through the contact form and send details and i’ll get it listed!

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Your Say in Canberra


Ever wanted to actually have your say in Canberra regarding what goes on in this fine town of ours?
Me Either. (just kidding) It might sound boring, but if you really do have an interest here’s an interesting website you can check out: At least this way you can find out about future developments and put in your opinion if you want to BEFORE its too late, rather than when the development is already under construction.

There’s ways to provide feedback in person and online. If you’re really keen on the info you can subscribe via newsletter. I subscribed. We might post some of the issues we think have some public appeal as well.

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Christmas lights in Canberra


If you’re looking for some cool christmas light displays this is the sight to go to in Canberra. It outlines a the spots to check out.<>Lets face it many of us have had our christmas plans canned for the year so this is something we can to do to make up for a little of what we’ve missed out on. The kids love to check out the lights and so do some of the big kids! I have to admit I can be a bit of a Christmas grinch sometimes but i have to give respect where its due and some of these people have put a huge amount of time and love into the decorations they’ve amassed and displayed

I went out last night and I have to say it was pretty cool!

To get all the news on it go visit Christmas light search (Canberra) and see what you can see!

Same site but they’ve got a cool list of featured displays Featured Displays

Anyway be sure to check out on a regular basis!

penis owl


Thinking of traveling interstate this summer? Best thing i can recommend is that you think very carefully about what you’re doing.

You’re probably aware that Sydney (Northern Beaches) has had a Corona flare up. If the place you visit happens to flare up too, what happens if you get put into lock down or the borders close again before you get home? Its also worth noting there’s been a rush to get out of Sydney this morning. *Source

Be sure to keep checking for the latest updates. Obviously even these can be subject to change if there’s another blow-out in cases or something.

Anyway whatever you’re doing, have a safe holidays and have fun!

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What's on in Canberra over summer?


OK we’re about to hit the holidays in Canberra. But what is to actually do? The short answer is not a lot with the fear surrounding large public gatherings. My best advice is to find a local resteraunt / bar / cafe or something that you like and spend some money back in the local business. Lord knows they’d need it.

So far the rundown is:

NEW YEARS EVE: Fire works have been cancelled. There will be smaller events in the local cafes / bars etc… maybe even some live music in the public areas.

SUMMERNATS: Cancelled. There is going to be a 5000 capacity “Rev and Roll” gig in march. But the Nats as we know it are not going to happen.

AUSTRALIA DAY: No fireworks happening this year. The concert that usually happens is still up in the air. Keep checking back I guess.

MULTICULTURAL FEST: Still up in the air. Looks like it will be postponed.



ENLIGHTEN FESTIVAL: Will be on but stripped back and relocated to EPIC

Of course, with the bigger events, I can’t see anything changing as the logistics in organising these would mean they either need a ‘go ahead’ or not by now. Some of the smaller events may have a chance. I guess all you can do is keep checking back here or any of the events ACT or various Canberra related websites

Keep checking back regularly for more information at regularly!

Choose CBR


I think this is actually a really cool idea. If people have spare money floating around they can choose to support their local business. There’s aparrantly $500,000 worth of discounts included in this idea as a way to kickstart the local business. And If the interest really isn’t there, I guess there’s no major infrastructure set up so not a huge loss.

Either way this is definitely worth checking out. IF you’re a consumer you can save upto $40 a day. If you’re a business, have a read and see if this is of any use to you. It’s running until the 21st of Dec but if there’s interest… who knows?

Choose CBR

Corona Stats


As glad as many of us will be to see the end of 2020 we need to reflect on the good as well as the bad that this year has brought. If nothing else, if you’re reading this you’re still here right? I know many of you’ have done it hard this year and it’s not your fault. Just bear in mind you’re lucky enough to be living in Australia. One of the least affected countries in the world as far as the Corona Virus stats go.

At the time of writing this, the United States now has over 15 million people infected or previously infected with the Corona*. That’s about 5% of their population. The virus is showing no signs of slowing down either. If you count the dead that would be a little short of 0.1% of the population The economic damage that country will face will be huge in years to come. IF you factor in the lasting damage this virus can do to the immune system in years to come there’s no accurate way to factor in the real cost of this thing.

Anyway peace out ya’ll! And have a great christmas break or whatever you do over the holidays and lets re-group and kick some butt in the new year! … Keep checking back on as well!

*Stats taken from the Worldometers website