Ok here we go with the Click Canberra Facebook group:

Basically this will be positive space where we can promote our business, events and community news / ideas or whatever without the noise and distractions that some other Canberra centric groups seem to attract.

With that in mind we will be the sole decider of what goes up there, what stays up there and what we’re willing to accept and what format it goes up there in. We don’t want a group that attracts a million superficial posts per day that end up burying what we’re actually trying to do. If you want to cause a facebook dumpster fire there’s other groups for that.

If you want to post something you can either email us at admin@clickcanberra or just post on the page and we’ll either approve it or not or maybe add it to a general news post

Remember to keep checking back on on a regular basis for more great canberra stuff!

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